This week I want to share a trick with you about intensifying your landscape skies and cityscape’s with the use of white balance. Even if you are shooting in RAW which allows you to change your white balance settings in post, it is always good to try and capture everything right in camera. Its much more gratifying come days end and if someone asks to see your image whilst your on location you can impress them straight away.

10/52 – Wellington Point
Canon 40D @ 14mm, f16, ISO200 with Tiffen HT Circular Polarizer. HDR +2, 0, -2 merged in Photomatix

After some rather poor weather I decided a mid week sunrise shoot was in order. So I headed out to Wellington Point about 30 minutes drive from Brisbanes CBD at 4:30am to see what would be on offer. Wellington point has some great subjects to shoot like its small jetty, rockpools(as seen in this weeks video) and who can forget the mangroves.

The on location video this week shows you how changing your white balance can boost your sunrises or sunset shots. It is also interesting to play with your WB when shooting cityscapes at night as settings like tungsten can really make your city jump off the night sky.