This weeks shot is something I have been wanting to shoot for the past 3 years of living in Brisbane. I have walked past it many times and on just about every occurrence I think to myself I must shoot these globes and the Casino.

So this week I want to encourage you to step outside into your town or city and take the image you have been putting off. See if you can create what your mind has already captured.

9/52 – Treasury Casino
Canon 40D @ 14mm, f11, ISO200 with Tiffen HT Circular Polarizer. HDR +2, 0, -2 merged in Photomatix

To capture the afternoon sky and textures of this 120 year old building, the Treasury Casino I have made use of the HDR technique. I set the camera for 3 bracketed photos, 2 stops apart. Then using Photoshop I have masked back some of the components to keep it looking relatively natural.

Here is a quick tip on taking a photo in a location that has a lot of people walking through your composed shot. By extending your exposure time to something like 20 -30 seconds with the use of a ND Filter and low ISO setting, you can give a feeling of desertedness. Within the 30 sec exposure only the people who stay relatively still will be visible in the final image. Shoot a bunch of frames to make sure you get what you are after.